True Spiritual Rebirth

What Does It Really Mean to Be "Born Again"?

The concerns of most people are material and physical, and no wonder. These are the times which try our souls, and most of us are suffering from the terrible conflict and tribulation that Man’s corruption, greed, self-interest, self-importance and self-righteousness have wrought. 

After all, the body of humanity is one body, and the earth is one great biosphere and ecosystem – and Man has upset its harmony, balance, health, and well being, putting us and our world in grave jeopardy.

But, we need to keep in mind that even more important than our physical and material concerns is our spiritual state of being.

In fact, our greatest goal should be to seek and find the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, not only in material terms, but also in spiritual terms. 

While we must take courage and speak truth to those in power in government and organized religion, we should also seek the higher truth, the real, divine truth that can liberate us personally in a far greater way than a material reformation of religion and government can liberate us collectively. And, ultimately, that personal liberation comes only with spiritual rebirth.

However, actual spiritual rebirth, what Jesus of Nazareth called being “born again,” is not something you can decide to do. 

For example, it is not what certain misguided, sanctimonious, evangelical zealots on the American "Christian Right" who call themselves “born again Christians” speak of, because it does not come merely by professing a belief or accepting a religious concept or stating an oath or praying, or anything like that. 

It doesn’t work that way, because it's not an achievement. It is a gift from God, given to you when you least expect it. 

In fact, nothing “you” can do can accomplish or achieve it, and no amount of personal effort or discipline or study or prayer can attain it. It could happen during such activity, of course, but it would not be because of your own doing. Those things that are of your own doing, which you believe are personal achievements, reward your ego and your sense of self-esteem, which can, and does too often, lead to a sense of superiority, self-importance, and self-righteousness – as is so evident today in all the self-righteous zealots who claim to be religious.

You cannot decide to do it or achieve or attain spiritual rebirth because it begins with a spiritual gift from God, given by God when when the separate-self ego is transcended by a realization or revelation of some aspect of the divine reality — whereupon one actually realizes, if only for a moment, their oneness with God, and with all humanity.

However, that is merely the beginning of a process. The gift of spiritual rebirth begins by actually realizing and experiencing or “witnessing” God within. That is why Jesus said: "The kingdom of God comes not with observation in the world, but from within.” And only when you realize and see the Divine Light and the divine reality within, can you recognize it is also right here and at hand.

It is like a spiritual "awakening” when you actually witness the internal Divine Light of God and experience God's pure ecstatic love. But, the process of full spiritual rebirth then becomes a process, much like a rosebud gradually unfolding, petal by petal, until it is in full bloom. 

Only then can the "old self" (separate-self ego) be shed and the spirit-soul be fully manifested in the world as a "selfless" person. But the old separate self, which we call the ego, sometimes “dies” hard, and most people simply cannot let go and let it be. And it’s usually because their sense of self-importance and self-righteousness, and perhaps even superiority (whether because of their physical appearance or race or nationality or religion), is too thoroughly in control of their mind.

Fortunately, the awareness of the process helps one to allow the Spirit of truth to “prune” their ego, gradually and bit by bit, which is why the process is like the petals of a rosebud gradually unfolding. 

Another thing that can help a sincere aspirant is to always try to see the divine reality that one can see whey your “eye” is single, as Jesus said — which means seeing beyond the “veil” or the illusion of duality caused by egotism, or by egocentric thinking and self-centered perception. 

You can also pray, of course, which can help in any case. However, if and when you pray, you need to go into your "closet" as Jesus advised, and "pray in secret to our God who hears in secret, and not for the ears of men."

However, it is perhaps most helpful to realize that the experience of realizing God (to any degree) comes through divine revelation --- and the ultimate and full realization of God comes through opening the “seven seals” of revelation, also called opening the “seven chakras” in yogic terms. And that process of revelation can come “out of the blue,” as if by fortuitous accident, when you least expect it.

That is how it came to the modern son of man in 1971, when he realized the difference between romantic love and divine universal love, and realized that he was one in Spirit not only with a woman he loved, but with all humanity and with God. And that realization opened the door to a series of far greater revelations that opened the seven seals whereupon God’s Book of Life was opened to him. 

He wants you to know that his gift came fortuitously, as if by accident, when he least expected it —  when his ego was transcended by his realization of the Holy Spirit of God, and of the silver thread of spiritual Light that connects all living beings on the planet.

He wants all Christians to know this, because even though some Christians have been led to believe that all they have to do is profess that "Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior," that does not mean they are actually "born again" of the Spirit. 

In fact, it means they have been indoctrinated by erroneous doctrines of men. For Jesus of Nazareth was a Christ, which comes from the Greek word Khristós or Christus, meaning "anointed one." This word was used in the Greek translation of the Hebrew word for Mashiach, or Messiah in English, and each word means “anointed one.” It is a title, not a name, and the title is not exclusive to one person, even though it is used for one person at a time from age to age.

Anyway, the gift of spiritual rebirth is very real, and it can be yours too, regardless of your religion, and whether you are even religious or not. And if and when you receive it you will know we are One.

"I think that after all is said and done, 
We will be one for all, and all for One. 
To just one truth do many faiths plead; 
To just one way do many paths lead.

But lots of people say they know God's name. 
But to me they all speak of the same;
Of the Great Spirit-Parent who loves us all. 
Why fight over a name? Why don't we tear down that wall?"

(From the song, Why Fight Over A Name?)