A Messiah Is Not the Savior, Part 2


To Unite Jews, Christians and Muslims

To establish peace, religious Jews need to understand the truth about Christianity and Islam. For religious Jews, like religious Christians and religious Muslims, do not understand that God’s design is in accordance with the evolution and development of humanity’s consciousness, and it has unfolded in several steps over a long period of time.

The Christ Jesus fulfilled specific functions. Like Hillel the Elder before him, Jesus pointed out that ancient Judaic scriptures were not the strict "word of God," and that the Golden Rule can be considered the overarching commandment and a summation of the Torah.

As is explained in the article titled The Word of God, it is not the spoken or written word. Such words are spoken and written by human beings who were only human, whereas the true, primordial "Word" of God is eternal and of the Spirit.

Jesus also pointed out that many religious Jews were ignorant of divine will and intent, as many are today, and as many religious Christians and Muslims also are today. Jesus also expressed great universal wisdom and gave us much good advice. He also issued crucial prophecies about the next son of man and messenger for the Spirit of truth, who would issue judgment, guide you unto truth, and show you things to come. And Jesus was talking about the same person Isaiah and other prophets were talking about.


And What of Islam?

Mohammed (or Muhammad) also fulfilled specific functions, mainly to bring Arabs into the family of Abrahamic religious with Jews and Christians. But Mohammed was not the "Seal of the Prophets," as his followers claimed, and he did not fulfill Judeo-Christian prophecies. Rather, he was a servant of God (or Allah, which is the Arab word for God).

Mohammed's Qur'an makes it very clear that Islam does not cancel out the messages of previous prophets, such as Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, David, Solomon, Enoch, and Jesus. In fact, the Qur'an commands Muslims to speak with great courtesy to Jews and Christians, because they "all believe in the same God" (29:46).

Many Jews, Christians and Muslims today do not understand that. Consequently, the main problem today is that militant religious Jews expect a Mashiach King who will bring victory and worldly power to them. Militant religious Christians expect a Messiah-Christ King who will bring victory and worldly power to them. And militant religious Muslims expect an Imam Mahdi who will do the same. But, the fact is that all of them are misguided and have erroneous expectations. They fail to understand divine will and intent.

There is only one person who fulfills all prophecies, and he is the modern son of man. And he tells you that a new day and age is quickly coming, and the days of monarchs and theocracy will be over.

We are to be free, and equal, and govern ourselves. As the prophets foretold, all the kingdoms and nations shall become as one, but, as such, they will be a family of equal nations, and the overarching "kingdom" will not be ruled by a mortal king or an immortal superman, but by the Great Spirit within and above us all.

God and the Ancient One who is in heaven with God shall rule IN SPIRIT ONLY, and the governments of our nations shall be governed by executive councils rather than pretenders to the thrones. (See the articles on The 21st Century Declaration of Independence, and How the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth.)


Jerusalem, and New Jerusalem

Now, as for Jerusalem, that place of terrible contention, the judgment must also address the Jewish and Christian expectation that the Mashiach/Messiah will "build the Third Temple" in Jerusalem according to Ezekiel.

Unfortunately, they misunderstand what Ezekiel meant.

Granted, Ezekiel expressed God’s will that: "I will make a covenant of peace with them; it shall be an everlasting covenant with them: and I will place them, and multiply them, and will set my sanctuary in the midst of them for evermore. My tabernacle also shall be with them. Yea, I will be their God, and they shall be my people. And the heathen shall know that I the Lord do sanctify Israel, when my sanctuary shall be in the midst of them for evermore."


However, the "sanctuary" or "tabernacle" or "temple" of God is not a literal place. It is "in the midst" of all the people, everywhere. It is very much like the saying that we can all be "pillars of the temple," as the apostle John put it. (See also the article titled The Crusades for Jerusalem, which discusses that and explains what the "Mountain of the Lord" is.)

As for the Jewish expectation that the Mashiach will gather all Jews back to the Land of Israel according to Isaiah 43:5-6, that is obviously true, because since 1941 when the modern son of man was born, many Jews have been able to immigrate to Palestine and then to the new State of Israel. (But you should read the article titled The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, which discusses Israel’s iniquity, which will not be pardoned until she acknowledges her offenses, reconciles her differences, makes amends, and makes peace.)

The bottom line is this: While religious people are waiting for a Savior, The Savior is waiting for humanity to recognize the message from the Spirit of truth, which issues judgment, guides you unto truth, and shows you things to come, just as Jesus said.

If you read all the message highlights, you will better understand why the son of man says: "I am what I am." For he is nobody, in one sense, and yet he serves the One who is Every One.

Written upon him is the name "New Jerusalem," as it is written in the book of Revelation. For New Jerusalem is the Bride of the Bridegroom Lamb of God, who is the modern son of man, and the Bride came down out of heaven from God to enjoy union with the Bridegroom.

Thus he is one with God, and you and he and God are One. There is but one body of Humanity, and we are all as leaves from one Tree of Life. And as you do unto others, so you do unto him, and unto your very Self.