The False Jihad 

Hypocritical terrorists claiming to be Muslims fighting “Jihad” as they commit indiscriminate mass murder are not Jihadists. They are not martyrs, and they do not serve Allah. Rather, they are misguided fools who have put their souls in deep jeopardy.

They are hypocrites who have been duped by self-important, deluded madmen, and in that respect they are not very much different from other hypocritical “religious” zealots who claim to be Jews or Christians, who are also waging so-called “holy war” and killing, claiming they are justified by God and their religion’s scriptures. 

Of course, it is not a new phenomenon that people kill in the name of religion. Many murderous leaders have tried to justify themselves that way. Even Adolph Hitler claimed he was doing “the will of the Lord.” No doubt many leaders of the nation of Israel claim the same thing. And after all, when George W. Bush was U.S. President he also claimed he was “doing God’s will.

America has seen a lot of murderous "religious" hypocrites. Back in 1980 when Ronald Reagan and the "religious right" was rising to power, Mark David Chapman, who murdered John Lennon by shooting him in the back, was a self-professed “born-again Christian” who believed he was doing God's will. Timothy McVeigh, who murdered 167 people when he bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City, had been influenced by the views of anti-government religious zealots, kind of like the group whose members included Randy Weaver’s wife, who was killed by federal agents during the “Ruby Ridge” incident.

These are all examples of the consequences of the "religious" bigotry and error of misguided Christian groups in America who have a deluded superiority complex and believe they know better than the rest of us. Madness infects “religious” zealots who belong to the “Christian Right” and the “Christian Identity” movements in America just as it does zealots who call themselves religious Jews or Muslims in the Mid-East.

They are actually the blind led by the blind, and w
hether they claim to be Muslims or Jews or Christians, they actually betray God and ignore the most important core message in their scriptures. 

One of the most terrible instances of that is the False Jihad waged by al Queda, the Taliban and other like-minded, bigoted, hypocritical groups who claim to be Muslims and “Jihadists” or “Mujahadin,” because they simply ignore all the words in their scriptures that refute their misguided beliefs. And like their Jewish and Christian counterparts who wage a phoney "holy war," they actually wage a false Jihad.

What Is A Real Jihad?

In Arabic, Jihad is a noun meaning “struggle.” According to the Qur’an (Koran) of Islam, Jihad is directed against evil temptations, whether from within or without, or against a visible, offensive enemy. 

When Jihad is waged against a visible, offensive enemy, it is to be strictly a defensive war. It is approved in Muhammad’s Qur’an only if it is waged by Muslims who are severely persecuted, and/or oppressed or displaced by force of arms, and/or threatened or menaced by enemies who use deadly force against them to gain power and control over them.

According to that definition, the Palestinian Muslim Jihad is valid and appropriate if it is in response to any offensive Israeli use of force or arms, especially if the Israeli offense in any way violates United Nations Resolutions 446, 452, 465 and 471, which were made under Chapter VI of the United Nations Charter (which Israelis have repeatedly violated). And there are other instances where Jihad may be valid and appropriate, technically, if and when Muslims are attacked, persecuted, or oppressed, because a Jihad is a defensive struggle. 

However, according to the Qur’an, Jihad is a last resort only, and it is not offensive. And a true Jihad is certainly not that which is waged by those committing offensive, indiscriminate mass murder. To claim that it is and that it serves God’s will is the height of hypocrisy, and it is one of the greatest evils in the world today, as is Israel’s iniquity against Palestinians, and the U.S. Government’s enabling Israel to get away with it.

However, this is about Muslims and Islam. And the fact is that the prophet Muhammad made sure that the Qur’an condemns violence and aggression, and holds that killing is always a great evil (2:190 and 2:217). Muhammad’s main purpose in establishing the third Abrahamic religion for the Arabs was precisely to stop indiscriminate killing. 

Muhammad stated that warfare is not the best way of dealing with difficulties and conflict, and that a faithful servant of Allah/God (aka Jehovah or Yahweh) should "argue (with unbelievers) in the most kindly manner, with wisdom and goodly exhortation." Moreover, Muhammad’s Qur’an commands all Muslims to speak with great courtesy to Jews and Christians, because we "all believe in the same God" (29:46).

Of course, the Qur’an does say that, if attacked, Muslims may retaliate in an appropriate way that is proportionate to the wrong suffered. However, it also says that tolerance is far more advisable than retaliation. It says: "To bear yourselves with patience is far better for you, since God is with those who are patient in adversity." (16:125- 127) Indeed, it even says it is a meritorious act to "be charitable and to refrain from retaliation." (5:45) 

In other words, in that respect it is very similar to the teaching of the prophet Jesus of Nazareth, which advises us to "turn the other cheek" rather than retaliate by striking back. And it is consistent with the wisdom of Solomon, who said it is better to be of a humble spirit than to join the proud and militant in their aggressive and offensive pursuit of the spoils of war. 

Now, given those scriptural facts, it is clear that Muslim Palestinians who have been persecuted, dislocated, and victimized in many terrible ways by the Israeli military and Israeli settlers in Palestinian territories are within their rights according to their religion to wage Jihad against Israelis and the Israeli military. (See the page on The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict for history and facts about why that is so.)

However, what we know as terrorism (offensive indiscriminate mass murder) is not permitted by the Qur’an. On the page About Islam  you will find that Jihad is permissible by Palestinians only if and when Israelis launch military attacks or invasions or incursions or dislocations or cause harm or loss to Palestinians (all of which have happened many time since 1948). And, another case where Jihad was permissible was when the Muslims in Afghanistan fought during the 1980s against the military forces of the imperialist Soviet Union. 

However, offensive, indiscriminate mass murder is absolutely forbidden, as is suicide. Therefore, the so-called “Jihad” that has been and is being waged by “suicide bombers” and other murderous zealots claiming to be Muslims, who are responsible for killing or trying to indiscriminately kill as many civilian Israelis as possible, is a False Jihad. It is an abomination is the sight of God/Allah, and it is a betrayal of Islam and its founder, Muhammad.

It is, of course, not unique to Islam. In fact, it is but one part of a huge epidemic of “religious” bigotry that is rampant in the world. And it is not very much unlike the killings and bombings of buildings and medical clinics by ultra-right-wing zealots in America who claim to be Christians. They also betray God and Christianity, just as surely as the destructive and murderous abuse of power by the Israeli Military is a betrayal of Judaism. And all three Abrahamic religions should acknowledge that the first commandment is to not kill, and that true Wisdom is far better than weapons of war. 

The fact is that the terrorist attacks against the U.S., Great Britain and the Western powers are crimes incited and perpetrated by murderous hatemongers and warmongers. They are committed by murderers, and those who are responsible for the death and destruction falsely in the name of “Jihad” must be brought to justice. We, the people of the world, must ensure that they are punished for their crimes, just as we must ensure that the Israelis responsible for the war crimes the Israeli military has committed against Palestinians are punished for those crimes.

Ultimately, however, the best way to deal with plotting or potential murderous zealots who pretend to be Muslim Mujahadeen (Jihadists) is to turn the tables on their leaders, because the best weapons against them are written words of truth in the Bible and Qur’an. They contain truth that flies in the face of hatemongering, warmongering bigots and hypocrites who are as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

False shepherds like those that lead al-Queda and the Taliban, and all other militant extremist leaders who exploit gullible, vulnerable, would-be “martyrs,” must be exposed for their ignorance of the Qur’an and the Bible, and exposed for their theocratic bigotry and hypocrisy.
A true martyr does not kill people. A true martyr is a pacifist who willingly dies for his beliefs, but he does not kill himself and others. He is killed either by bigoted and hypocritical murderers who masquerade falsely as religious “warriors,”or by armed forces that serve corrupt governments. And he is killed for standing up for his beliefs, and for truth. And Jesus was such a martyr.

A suicide bomber who commits mass murder, therefore, is not a “martyr.” And a suicide bomber does not serve Islam and will not go to a heavenly paradise for killing people, as they are promised by despicable liars who recruit them to do their bloodthirsty dirty work. To claim that murderers are martyrs is a blatant lie. It is a despicable, atrocious lie.

We all must tell the truth now, and make sure the truth is widespread. And that should now be the biggest responsibility of good Muslim Imams and clerics, to educate their people in the true meaning and purpose of the Qur’an, the Bible, and the Tanakh. For all tell us that we must be peacemakers now in order for prophecy to be fulfilled, so that the meek may inherit the earth, turn our “swords into plowshares,” and establish real justice and lasting peace.

Please read the pages on Divided Islam vs True Islam and The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, which suggest what the problems are, and why and how we may resolve them.