The Future: Part 2

Practical Specifics About Improving Our World


One World, One Planet, One Ecosystem, One People

As the wise have always known, we are part of the earth, and the earth is a part of us. It is all One Ecosystem of which we are a part. And as we treat our Mother Earth, so she will treat us.

Therefore, we need to get serious about protecting our environment, and stop enabling polluters. We will properly regulate corporations, businesses and companies so that they no longer pollute our air, ground and water, require and ensure that they do everything possible to clean up what they have made foul, and stop harmful and non-sustainable methods for the production of food, goods and energy production. 


Dealing With Global Warming and Climate Change

We need to get serious about stopping the emission of “greenhouse gasses” and do everything possible to stop global warming. For even though polluting corporations have hired or bribed corrupt “scientists” to dismiss the warnings of more honest scientists, we must acknowledge the truth.

NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies has produced a report on break-through global warming research that shows that the fate of humanity and nature depends on recognizing and correcting human behaviors and practices that cause the problem. And researchers at the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science in Zurich developed a more efficient analysis of contributors to global warming and found that man-made causes can now be linked with at least 75 percent of global warming.

We need to shut down nuclear power plants (unless and until we can make them truly safe), require sufficient safeguards and emissions controls on oil and coal burning plants, stop irresponsible and careless commercial fishing practices that sweep and damage the ocean floor, do everything possible to stop poisoning our waters with mercury and other harmful chemicals, impose steep fines for polluting the ocean and waterways with garbage and debris, increase our recycling efforts to include all the waste from residential and industrial sources, stop private and commercial shipping from polluting the ocean with garbage and waste, and other such things.


Dealing With the Growing Crises Over Food and Water

We need to also reverse the trends that have brought about the growing crises regarding the food and water supplies all over the world.

A good part of the solution is in establishing proper laws and regulations, and sufficient law enforcement. For the problem has been unchecked greed, deregulation, "globalization," and corporate monopolization, which has enabled the wealthiest few to get much wealthier while the vast majority of people in the world have become increasingly less secure, less safe, and worse off in many respects.

In America that's because all three branches of government are controlled by the wealthiest few and their giant corporations and banks. And globally it’s because the global marketplace is driven by the World Bank and the World Trade Organization (WTO), which mainly serves American corporate power.

The so-called "free trade" agreements they’ve managed to establish may have been well meaning, and they were certainly touted as such, but they really amount to free rein and license for huge corporate conglomerates and agri-businesses.

That has been disastrous in many ways, especially to family farms in America and in many countries around the world. For example, in the 1940s there were about forty million farmers in America, and now there are about two million because giant, powerful corporate agribusinesses have taken over and have been given more and more power over the food supplies.

Corporate globalism was sold to us as something that would be good for everyone, but that was not true. In fact, it has proven to be a scam. The more that agriculture, food production and distribution and water supplies are controlled by growing corporate monopolies, the fewer family farms we will have, the greater the food and water scarcity, the higher the food prices, and the more people will go hungry and face water shortages. The rates of inflation we are seeing now in food prices worldwide is the result of the global integration of the food economies under the dominance of the WTO.

In early 2002 the modern son of man published a book that warned that to let this "go on unchecked and uncontrolled, we could also unwittingly allow the creation of agribusiness monopolies that could eventually control the whole world’s food and water supply. While that may appear cynical, it is not if we consider the history of corporate power. It is a very real possibility that we must consider and guard against.

He was quite right, and growing numbers of people have now realized it.

Now we should realize the great value of family farms and orchards, as well as the value of backyard gardens. We should realize the value of growing and/or harvesting much of our own food, on our own property or in cooperative community gardens, organically and naturally, so we can eat fresh, local, good food, free of poisonous pesticides and herbicides, and free of food additives, so we can stop killing ourselves for convenience sake.

We should choose to have a good life, rather than an easy, convenient life with so much contaminated processed food -- because the latter is killing us and the planet.

Regarding the growing water crisis, we should realize that industrialized corporate agriculture requires ten times more water to produce the same amount of food than ecological family farming does. Industrial agriculture has depleted water resources, and as our water supplies have become polluted and depleted, certain industrial giants saw a way of making huge profits by privatizing it.

In fact, giant corporations and industries have bought up and continue to buy up local water supplies, and since they can make incredibly huge profits bottling water it is now creating a number of serious crises. Of course they sold the idea that they were doing you a favor and giving you safe, clean water. But it has had disastrous consequences, not the least of which is the problem of discarded plastic water bottles. Like plastic bags, they are a disaster. So we must realize that re-usable water containers are a much wiser choice, and we can filter our own water if need be. It's much cheaper, and it will stop the profiteers and the privatization of our water supplies.

One notable example of a bottled water company profiting immensely while depleting water resources is Nestle, which markets Arrowhead and Pure Life brands. One of Nestle’s biggest sources is The Colorado River Basin which is a critical water resource that supplies municipal water to 40 million Americans, 22 Native American tribes, seven national wildlife refuges, four national recreation areas and 11 national parks, and irrigates 5.5 million acres of land. And Nestle has caused a huge problem. In a report by NASA and the University of California at Irvine, researchers discovered that between December of 2004 and November of 2013, the basin lost 53 million acre-feet of water. 75 percent of that loss came from groundwater sources like those pumped by Nestle. And Nestle, with 29 water bottling facilities across North America, pocketed $4 Billion in revenue from bottled water sales in 2012 alone.

We must deal with that problem because no private profit making company should profit from a basic public resource that should be managed and used wisely rather than used up foolishly so that a profiteering few can get richer.

We must also deal with many other problems, and realize how harmful the culture of materialism has been, especially since it was fostered, instigated and perpetuated by the forces of greed and self-interest that serve Mammon and not God or the people. It has created a corrupt corporate culture that puts profits above all else. It puts the desire for quick profits above concerns for safety, and above concerns for the environment. And that mentality has been demonstrated time after time by many giant corporations. It is part of the corrupt corporate culture.

That culture is not only dangerous and harmful to us and the environment. It has been at the expense of the public. And it pervades society. (And more will be discussed below about food production.)


The Corrupt Culture Regarding "Celebrity"

Another form of the corrupt culture is reflected in the "star" based culture in which individuals become sports and entertainment "celebrities." It justifies their being "worthy" of incredible wealth beyond our wildest dreams. The commercial news media loves to print and broadcast stories about them, from the most excessively wealthy ones to the most bizarre ones, under the guise of news and entertainment. 

It is a culture that appeals to our lower base tendencies toward gossip, covetousness and voyeurism, which is why so many people are fascinated by it. But, in time we will realize what that culture has wrought (superficial materialism), and what it does to us, especially our impressionable children and youth. Most people know that, but for some reason mistakenly think that nothing can be done about it.


Dealing With Increasing Mental Illness

On another, even more crucial front, we will finally help to heal people who are affected by mental illness and suffer from delusion or rage or despair or fear -- people who tend to, or are at risk of, acting out.

After all, there are now many insane or mentally ill or disturbed people, even though their illness usually makes them think they are more sane than the rest of us. Many of them are out on the street because of the Republican trend that Ronald Reagan started back in the Sixties as Governor of California. He claimed that government "couldn’t afford" to care for them, so, if they could possibly be deemed "harmless to society," they were put out on the street regardless of how mentally ill they were. And that trend was followed all across the country. That's why during the last 30 years there has been an increasing number of mentally ill homeless people (who have been joined by many others made homeless since 2008 because of the banking debacle and economic crises.)

We need to help all mentally ill and deluded people get well, but we especially need to help severely deluded people get well. We need to provide a safe place for them in state hospitals to protect them from themselves, because too many have killed others during their mad plunge to self-destruction.

But, to really help them, we must establish or enhance effective intervention and prevention outreach programs, and treatment programs. That means we must invest appropriately and sufficiently in such programs.

We must also remove the stigma of mental illness treatment, and educate society about the benefits and need of therapeutic clinical treatment for those whose minds are deluded or not at peace. It is crucial and imperative that we make such treatment available to all who need it, and try our best to identify those who need it, in order to prevent them from acting out their self-destructive, harmful, and sometimes even murderous tendencies. But along with that, we must train mental health professionals to recognize if and when people have legitimate legal grievances, so they can provide adequate referral to government agencies that should and will address those grievances.

That is crucial since it has become increasingly obvious that there have been growing numbers of people who are mentally disturbed because of a very valid response to being deeply offended or wronged by some person or some agency or company or corporation. We really need to help people who have seriously been wronged for whatever reason, because we have been failing terribly in that regard. We have not ensured that there is fairness and justice for all. That's one of the reasons why there are so many frustrated and desperate people in America and many other countries in the world.

That problem has been made worse America by right-wing "conservatives" who have for the last 30 years been able to sell the idea that people should be "self-reliant" and not depend on government. We must see through that deceptive and misleading Reaganite rhetoric, recognize that it’s a ruse, and ensure that we finally use the common wealth for the common good. But, in order to do that, we must require that the wealthy finally pay their fair share of taxes.


Stopping the Trend To "Privatization" of Public Services For Profit-Making

We should also reverse the Reaganite/Bushite trend of turning more and more public institutions and enterprises into privatized, for profit businesses (as opposed to public and non-profit). That is a very popular idea among very rich right-wing Republicans and other profiteers, because when they invest money in privatized for profit institutions that were formerly public non-profits, it usually brings a guaranteed return of huge profits for them and top executives.

This issue is very important, because in America this trend has affected practically all aspects of our lives. There are now many hospitals, medical facilities, schools, prisons, and many other such institutions that had previously been public and non-profit but have become (or are becoming) privatized, for profit businesses. This has given rich people many more opportunities to gain great profits for an investment without any risk. That’s why plans are being made to increase and expand this trend even further. It opens the door even wider to enable the very rich few to reap huge financial gains, and it ensures that the redistribution of wealth continues to heavily favor the wealthiest few.

That’s why there are now many more Millionaires and Multi-Millionaires in America, and it’s why the number of Billionaires in America has increased from only thirteen in 1980 to several hundred today. The wealthiest one percent of the population has grown absurdly more wealthy, while every one else has become less and less financially secure, the middle class has shrunk, more and more fall into the working poor population, and poverty, hunger and homelessness increase.

We must reverse this trend because our goal should be to achieve the greatest good possible for the greatest number of people possible. That’s a real Christian value, and it’s the human ideal, but it’s something we’ve lost sight of, especially during the 30 years since Reaganism and Bushism distorted the values and priorities of so many people -- and it has become clear that Democrats either cannot or will not deal with the problem.

That’s why it is time now for the American people to awaken from our complacency, and remove the wool that has been pulled over our eyes. It is time to reestablish proper values and priorities, and use the common wealth for the common good.

Of course, there is a place for capitalism and private enterprise. A reasonable, fair, and equitable economic system could include ample opportunity for it. But, instead of continuing making more things privately owned and for-profit, we should reverse that trend and make more things publicly owned and non-profit --- like our transit systems; the postal system; public education, etc. In fact, all institutions that are really necessary to everyone should be publicly owned and non-profit, such as public schools; community colleges; state universities; utilities; infrastructure building and maintenance; hospitals; health care facilities; medical clinics; pharmaceutical companies; prisons; mortuaries, and all other necessary institutions with necessary public roles and purposes. This would greatly reduce the cost of all these things, because all the "cream" wouldn’t be scraped off the top in profits for wealthy private owners and investors. Instead, all the people would invest through fair, equitable taxes levied according to ability to pay.


Dealing With Population Growth and Creating Livable Spaces

Another issue is the population growth. That has become a problem, so, in the future we will achieve the goal of zero population growth, which was recognized decades ago as an important issue but has recently been ignored. But, there are many problems associated with overpopulation, like water and energy shortages, traffic congestion, affordable housing shortages, hunger, poverty, homelessness, etc.

It will help when families limit their offspring to two children — unless they adopt children, and/or need extra hands to work on family farms and small family businesses. It will help when we decentralize industry, big business and government, giving people less reason to crowd together in cities and large metropolitan areas. It will also help when we make "deserts into new gardens," when new technologies allow new human communities and new industrial and agricultural zones where they have heretofore not been possible or practical.

It will also help if we initiate land reform, to open up lands to homesteading where appropriate, and to ensure there is no more inappropriate use or misuse of land, or the holding of useful land by miserly speculators who don’t use it for anything but as a future profit-making asset. We must be good, wise stewards of this earth, looking at the big picture with long-range vision.

Of utmost importance is that we stop polluting the earth and its water systems, including underground aquifers, and clean up what we have made foul. For even though some scientists have assumed that we’ve already polluted our oceans, lakes, rivers, and underground waterways to such an extent with oil, chemicals, plastics, toxins, bacteria and other pollution that it will eventually cause the extinction of all life on the planet, we can and we will develop the technology to turn it around. We can not merely stop the thoughtless, careless polluting and ensure that industry no longer creates conditions under which "accidental" pollution can occur. We will make the polluters clean up our environment, and especially the waters of the earth. For the corporate polluters are sitting on trillions of dollars in profits, and for the sake of the planet and humanity they can and certainly should clean up the mess they have made.

We can also help people even in remote places in the world who have been allowing their wildlife habitat and their environment to be destroyed due to irresponsible logging and fishing practices that are based on profit-making at the expense of everything and everyone else. We can take responsibility for our planet, educate those who are ignorant of the ecological realities, and be good stewards of the worldwide environment. And we will be able to do that because the financial resources that are now squandered and wasted on militarism will be used for more constructive and creative purposes. That is, we will turn "swords into plowshares."


Protecting Our Environment and Resources

We can especially protect our remaining old growth forests. For even though some nations and states have established laws that stop lumber and wood products companies from continuing the horribly destructive logging practices of the past, some have not, and those that have established such laws have not done enough. One has only to drive on many of our roads and highways in America to see the huge ugly scars caused by clear cuts of huge areas in our forests. Those clear cuts of trees destroy wildlife habitat, damage watershed, cause erosion, and are painful to the eye.

It hurts to see them because we know it’s wrong, especially when there is no excuse for clear cutting any more -- not when there are now more reasonable alternatives that include selective harvesting of mature trees in second growth forests, without clear cutting. There should be no clear cutting or even any logging in the remaining pristine old growth forests. They should be protected. Moreover, there is no longer any excuse to cut down evergreens in our forests in order to make paper products, because there are now tree farms producing fast-growing trees like Poplars for that purpose, and that practice should increase. And that, along with increased and more effective programs for recycling paper and cardboard will help tremendously.

Reforming Methods of Food Production

We can reform all of our methods of food production and stop and prevent the harmful production methods practiced by large corporate businesses that have monopolized the food production industry, not only putting most family farms out of business, but also putting family fishing boats out of business, and grossly reducing the quality and healthfulness of our food.

We can ensure that the most natural and least harmful production methods are used, and that the industry is driven not by the lust for the greatest profits, but by the desire to provide the most rewarding employment to people and the most healthy food for people, in ways that are sustainable and protective of the ecosystem and the environment. (And more will be discussed about the problems with current food production methods.)

Specifics On Meat And Other Food Production

As you probably know by know, there are those who are fighting hard to eliminate meat-eating. That is understandable, and they have some good reasons. For one thing, a vegetarian diet can provide ample protein when it contains a ratio of one part legumes to four parts grains or seeds, or seeds like Quinoa that contain complete protein. Moreover, a vegetarian diet can prevent or eliminate many diseases.

However, we should realize that many food-related diseases are caused by eating the meats of animals that have not been raised properly or fed properly on grasses, and they contain high fat content caused by Man’s carelessness, ignorance, and error. We should also realize that a strictly vegetarian diet lacks some vitally needed nutrition.

Of course, vegetarianism originated in the world for several reasons. For some people, such as Hindus in India, the reason was spiritual, to avoid killing animals for food. But other reasons were the scarcity or lack of wild game, and growing populations in certain countries like India made animal husbandry less practical than agriculture.

Furthermore, while a vegetarian diet is good for us and the planet, eating meat is not wrong. It is natural. Human beings have "canine" teeth specifically to eat meat. In fact, meat can be considered a gift from God and from the animal who gave its life to feed us. All life lives and dies for specific reasons, and many forms of life eat other forms of life for sustenance. It’s a fact of life.

All animal life eats life to sustain the life its species. It is Nature’s way. The problem is that “civilized” Man forgot that all life on earth is part of one whole ecosystem. The animals are our siblings in a way, but they are given to us as gifts. And we must respect them, and thank them for giving their lives as sacrifices and “burn offerings” to God, the Great Spirit. That is what the ancient Jews did, and it is what Native Americans did. Moreover, they thankfully used everything from the animals that they could, for food, tools, clothing, blankets, and many other things. The spirit of the animal was respected, and thanked.

However, while meat eating is not wrong, the way the food industries produce meat for sale needs to be reformed. It is a huge problem the way meat (beef, pork, chicken, lamb, etc.) is produced and brought to market. It’s not merely cruel and inhumane. It is simply stupid the way animals and fowl are raised and over fed and over-medicated and treated. It’s not good for them or us.

If animals raised for food were raised naturally and allowed free range on natural grass and natural organic foods, and not fed anything extra or unnatural or artificial to "fatten them up," it would be alright.

We also have to realize that producing the grain that is now used to feed farmed animals to produce fat-laced meat requires vast amounts of water. In fact, animals should eat what they would eat naturally in the wild, because, for instance, pastured grass fed cattle produce beef, milk and cheese that is far more healthy and nutritious than cattle fed an unnatural diet designed to produce more weight and fat.

However, we should also realize that the escalating loss of wildlife habitat, the destruction of ancient rain forests, the loss of top soil, and the increase of water impurities and air pollution, are in large part caused by creating more pasture lands for livestock for meat in the human diet. So we should eat less meat, in reasonable portions, and be humane and sensible in our food production methods, for the sake of animals, for the sake of the planet, and for our sake.

Mid-Eastern and Oriental cooking methods generally us far less meant than we do in the West, and we would be wise in integrate such cooking methods with our own. But that is already happening, as are all the other things mentioned. People are become aware of the value of eating eggs and poultry produced from free range organically fed chickens. They are also demanding meat produced from free range grass fed beef, and dairy products produced from free range grass fed milk cows. And they are demanding more organically grown fruits and vegetables that are not genetically modified or poisoned with pesticides.

That is because people are becoming educated. And many of us have learned that global food control has nearly been achieved by reducing seed diversity with genetically modified seeds (GMOs) that are distributed by only a few transnational corporations. However, while those genetically modified seeds make farming easier and more profitable, they  produce foods that are not good for our health. And if another so-called "free trade" agreement like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) passes, control over our food, our health, our environment and our financial system will be given over to transnational corporations. And that would make things worse for consumers and the public.

Why would it be worse? Because two modifying traits apply to practically all of the genetically modified crops grown in the world today, one of which involves insect resistance and the other involves herbicides. But the widespread use of GMO foods and herbicides is one of the reasons that the U.S. spends more than twice as much on healthcare as the average developed country. (See the article on Health Care In America.)

The Institute for Responsible Technology, confirms that U.S. Food and Drug Administration policy allows biotech companies to determine if their own foods are safe. Submission of data is completely voluntary. Its director has concluded: "In the critical arena of food safety research, the biotech industry is without accountability, standards, or peer-review. They've got bad science down to a science."

Of course, there is something to be said as to the value of some large agri-business production methods. Our task and responsibility is to keep what is good and healthy in those methods, and discontinue the methods that are neither. And the same goes for the harvesting of sea foods, because we must stop using short-sited methods that threaten fish species and damage the ocean and the ocean floor. We must be smarter, and think of long range consequences and solutions.


Dealing With the Problems Created By Wild Predatory Animals

It must be said that in the U.S. we have become overly protective of certain wild animal predator populations like coyotes, wolves, bears and mountain lions, to the detriment of many people and their pets and livestock. Growing numbers of people are losing their pets to coyotes or wolves, farmers are losing livestock, and people have had their property destroyed by bears. More and more people have experienced more and more problems caused by increasing populations of wild animals.

The federal and state governments have been too influenced by the efforts of some wild animal advocates who’s intentions may be good, but their agenda is misguided and naive. Consequently, wild animal predator populations have increased in some mountainous and rural areas to such an extent that they have become not only terrible nuisances but even lethal and dangerous threats to human safety as they have been encroaching into urban areas.

We must act now to control and reduce wild animal predator populations, even if we have to resort to putting bounties on them to do so. And we need to control not only the predator populations. We need to be "predators" who keep the deer, elk, and other populations under control to maintain ecological balance.

Let’s face it, the entire ecosystem has changed compared to what it was long ago, so it is impractical and simply unreasonable to try to turn back time in that sense. We must be good stewards of this earth, but we must also fulfill our responsibility with wisdom and common sense. We must be fully aware of all the consequences of our actions, and not be persuaded by people who have allowed their good feelings about wildlife to impair their reasoning and cloud their judgment — because some of them have become extremely unreasonable and self-righteous.


Health Care

As is discussed more fully in the article on Health Care In America, we can ensure that all people have the benefit of universal, public, non-profit health care. It should be a human right, paid for by taxing citizens according to their ability to pay. And the definition of medicine should include natural, herbal medicines, and physicians should be fully trained in their use. In other words, what has been considered "alternative" medical treatment should become traditional.



Regarding transportation, gasoline powered vehicles will gradually and naturally be phased out over time, and all automobiles will eventually be powered by electricity or hydrogen. High speed rail will ease the burden on airlines and highways, and railroads could have two modes of transportation, one slower for freight, and one fast for passengers. Wherever possible, the different tracks will be above and below each other, so as to remove the need for creating more space and using more land. In America, the "deregulation" policies that have only made things much worse for airline passengers, pilots and crews, for example, will become obsolete, and proper regulation will restore good service and improve the situation immensely.


Religious Beliefs, and Reformation of Religion

Religion is discussed comprehensively in other articles you can find on the Site Map, but with regard to our religious beliefs, it is important to understand that religions should do what they are supposed to do. For what we need most is mutual respect, empathy, compassion, charity, the feeling of universal kinship and love, and living by the Universal Divine Imperative or Golden Rule. Religious doctrines inconsistent with that should be rescinded by organized religions, because those with contrary doctrines really have not produced societies that are better behaved than societies in which people freely choose atheism or agnosticism.

For example, most people in Denmark and Sweden do not go to church, and do not believe in heaven or hell. But, by most accounts, they're nice to one another. They have an expansive welfare and health care service, and a strong commitment to social equality. The rates of child abuse are far lower than in America, and the rates of murder and rape are lower than in America. And Denmark and Sweden aren't exceptions. Other studies of the 18 largest democracies in the world found that less influence by organized religion tends to mean lower child abuse rates, relatively lower murder and suicide rates, and relatively low incidence of abortion and teen pregnancy.

That is why the son of man submits that the theocratic leaders of the so-called "religious right," whether they claim to be Christians or Muslims or Jews, are simply misguided and do not know the truth of the very real God. They have distorted their religions, and given religion a bad name and turned many people off to it. And that is why he recommends a reformation of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).


Reformation of Government

We the people have the right and the power and the duty to create good government, ensure our equality and freedom, protect and clean up our environment, protect our human rights and civil liberties, and ensure that our health and welfare are of the utmost concern.

But, it will not happen overnight. As Jesus was accused of blasphemy by religious authorities in his day, and some people ridiculed him as a fool, so it has been and probably will still be for awhile with the current son of man. As prophesied, he has been and still is rejected by his generation and by most people, mainly because those who profit from the present political-economic system have misled many, and they do not want to face the truth. In fact, they deny it and call it a lie. And, even after many people do recognize the truth, there may still be some who fight it.

It is impossible to know how long it will take before it is generally known and accepted by the vast majority that this message is intended, designed, and will ultimately serve to end the conflict and division and make life far better for everyone on earth. Let us hope that enough people will get the message soon and understand why we must adopt the new way to choose our leadership, which will produce more democratic and truly representational government.

If you read the whole message and recognize the truth in it, please understand that innovative ideas have always been rejected at first ... often for a long time. Be patient and understanding of those who cannot or will not see, and have courage and faith.

We shall indeed overcome.

Please read The 21st Century Declaration of Independence, and Real Democracy Is Coming to the U.S.A. (so that America can become a truly good example to the world).