The American Economy, Part 2


The Cause and Impact of Insufficient Regulation of Corporations


In 1902 about a hundred years after Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and other Founders had issued warnings about allowing plutocratic rule by the wealthy few, Republican President Theodore Roosevelt tried to initiate a progressive movement to rein in the power of corporations. And the following sums it up pretty well:

We are not attacking the corporations, but endeavoring to do away with any evil in them. We are not hostile to them; we are merely determined that they shall be so handled as to subserve the public good. We draw the line against misconduct, not against wealth.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Notice that he made it clear he was not against corporations, but merely wanted to prevent malfeasance and misconduct by properly regulating corporations to protect the public good.  

Unfortunately, his progressive reform movement failed, and the rich and their corporations weren't bothered and continued out of control until their economic bubble burst in 1929 and Theodore Roosevelt's cousin, President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR), had to save the country. 

Unfortunately, between 1947 and 1957 McCarthyism and “Red Baiting” had damaged the progressive movement FDR had established and instead empowered and enabled the wealthiest few, despite the presidency of relatively moderate Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower. 

That’s why in 1961 when President Eisenhower left office he too issued a warning, realizing the dangers of the abuse of power. He even warned against allowing the U.S. Military Industrial Complex to get out of hand. But, few listened, and it did get out of hand, right along with the banking and financial industries.

Democrat John F. Kennedy followed Eisenhower as president and his intentions were noble and fair, but President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. Then, even though his successor Lyndon Johnson waged a “war on poverty” because he recognized that a nation is judged by how it treats the poor and the least of our brethren, he was beholden to rich Texans and did nothing to really change the status quo. 

Since then there have been five Republican presidents and three Democratic presidents, including Barack Obama, and while the Republicans made things worse, the Democrats have basically done what has been politically expedient, and even they have perpetuated Reaganism.

That is why today the wealthiest 20 percent of the population owns 95 percent of the total wealth of the nation, due to the policies and legislation created by both Republicans and Democrats. 

Moreover, even though those who have benefited most are the top executives in banks, lending institutions, hedge funds and others in the financial services industry, top executives in other huge corporations, oil companies and military contractors have shared in the enormous profits, and in all the government "welfare for the rich" that Reaganism and Reaganomics provides — which is why there is such an enormous income gap between the wealthiest multi-billionaires and the working poor.

However, in spite of the losses and suffering some of their actions have caused to other people due to their greed, corruption and malfeasance, the wealthiest 20 percent have not suffered. In fact, they are even wealthier now than ever before. 

Speaking of increasing income disparity and inequality, take a look at this video on Wealth Inequality In America.  It reveals in stark, hard reality just how unfair and inequitable the American economy and income disparity really is.



Even worse, the most needed reforms and regulations have not been put in place to prevent further unfairness, fraud and malfeasance. In fact, the U.S. Government has gone backward in that respect. Very crucial regulations on banking and financial institutions that had been put in place in 1933 and '34 during President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first term were repealed in 1999 by a Reaganite Republican dominated Congress.

One of the regulatory laws established in 1934 was the Glass-Steagall Act, which separated investment banking from depository banking. Prior to that, the banks were making foolish investments with money taken from the depositors' funds. The Act prevented that, and for a long time things went pretty well. But in 1999 Congress repealed Glass-Steagall, which unleashed and enabled corrupt banking practices that inevitably led to the 2008 economic crash and the continuing crises. 

Consequently, all the people victimized have suffered, and growing numbers continue to suffer, while those responsible are still enabled to indulge themselves and exploit us. The wealthiest few, in fact, have rigged the system so that we pay for their mistakes.

Reaganite Republicans made things more unfair and more inequitable, especially between 1995 and 2009. And ever since Barack Obama won the presidency in 2009 they have tried to obstruct his attempts at reform and they have justified their agenda to maintain all the tax cuts, tax breaks, deductions and loopholes with the constant, repetitive, misleading Reaganite mantra against “job killing taxes!

Fortunately, in spite of Republican obstructionism, the Wall Street Financial Reform Act (Dodd-Frank) was passed in 2010, but Republicans will repeal it as soon as they can, like they repealed Glass-Steagall reforms and regulations. Simply ignoring the lessons of history, they still expect the public to trust them, repeating Reagan's claim that regulations are bad for business, and what's bad for business is bad for the country. They refuse to admit that what's bad is greed and the corruption it brings.

Another example is that in reaction to President Obama’s call for those with incomes over $250,000 to pay more of their fair share of taxes, Republicans claimed that would “destroy small businesses.” But that is grossly misleading and disingenuous.

For example, personal income tax is on individuals and therefore on the individual owner of small businesses. Moreover, most very small business owners who have annual personal incomes of between $250,000 and $500,000 have been allowed to pay nothing in income taxes because they been able to deduct all their “business expenses” (most of which are for personal use as well, like vehicles, home office equipment, travel expenses, etc.). Consequently they are able to pay zero income taxes

No politician is talking about that, but the fact is that very small business owners with personal incomes like that can certainly afford to pay a fair share of taxes.

Now, President Obama’s plea to require those with incomes over $250,000 to pay their fair share of taxes has actually been very clever, because he has cited "The Buffet Rule," which is based on Billionaire Warren Buffet's statement that he should not be able to pay a lower percentage of his income than his secretary.

Mr. Obama's plea has also not only been clever, but also ironic, even though the commercial media has ignored it. For Mr. Obama has used words very similar to the Republicans' biggest hero, Ronald Reagan, in insisting that the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes -- as you can see in a video in the article on Reagan's Legacy -- because Reagan said very clearly that "a bus driver should not have to pay a higher percentage of his income in taxes than a millionaire." 

Republicans ignore that, of course, and instead focus on all the things that Reagan said and did that benefited the wealthiest few at the expense of everyone else, and unfortunately that was Reagan’s main agenda. He had to pretend otherwise of course, as most Republicans do. And since then the cunning deception of the Reaganites has been incredibly successful in their war on labor unions and everything else that restrained corporate power and profit, and that has had a devastating effect on labor unions, worker’s rights and benefits, the environment, and the economy.


The Cause and Impact of the Reaganite War On Organized Labor

The corporate war on organized labor and collective bargaining really began with the industrialization of America in the 1920s. But, as this video shows, for a while that became a non-issue thanks to Roosevelt's New Deal, but it then slowly but surely started up again and by the time Ronald Reagan became president, the war began to rage and has been raging ever since.

In 1981, not long after he became president, Ronald Reagan started the war on labor unions with the firing of all the Professional Air Traffic Controllers, and he busted their union because it was persistent in advocating for better treatment of its members. That was the opening salvo in the modern war on labor unions in the U.S., and Reagan’s war gradually and increasingly became devastating to organized labor, as you can see in the video.

Due to the political dominance of the Reaganites and Neo-Conservatives during the last 30 years, and the weakening power and rights of workers, the American work force has suffered in numerous ways. Countless American jobs have been “outsourced” out of the country because Reagan also opened the door for that corporate strategy. And the divisive, combative and elitist Reaganite attitude regarding the relationship between corporate management the labor force has increasingly caused American workers to feel fortunate to have a job, and they are expected to do more and settle for less income, a meager or no retirement program, less or no health care coverage, etc.

(If you wonder why Ronald Reagan was so dead set against labor unions, you should read Ronald Reagan’s Real Legacy and Record, which explains how, when and why Reagan was indoctrinated with anti-union corporate propaganda by top executives at General Electric Corporation between 1954 to 1962 when Reagan was a television spokesman for the company on G.E. Theater, and when G.E. executives sent Reagan out across the country on speaking tours promoting anti-union, corporate friendly ideology.)

To rationalize their demand for cheap labor, the corporate rationale is that this makes companies more “nimble,” more cost effective, and more competitive with foreign competitors whose workers are paid less than American workers. But that is flawed logic.

In fact, that logic is actually Anti-American Dream. America should be proud if and when the American work force and middle class has a good standard of living. And it could be said that the corporate Reaganite war on labor unions was and still is a right-wing strategy designed to make workers feel fortunate to have a job, and fear losing it. It gives employers almost total power, while decreasing the power and rights of workers. That’s why the middle class has increasingly shrunk, while the working poor population has grown.


The Cause and Impact of the Reaganite War On “Big Government”


The Reaganite Republican, Neo-Conservative and Libertarian war on government regulation has been sold as if its purpose is to “limit” government power and decrease the size of “big government.” However, to be blunt, that is a sham. 

Right-wing “conservative” Reaganites actually like big government if it suits their purposes, and they especially like it if its priority is to  protect their wealth and property, and serve their interests.

The Reaganite war on government is actually a war on reforms and regulations that limit the power of money, and the power of the wealthiest few. But the Reaganites have won that war because Ronald Reagan was a great television pitch man who sold corporate propaganda as if it were common sense, even though it has been proven false numerous times in American history.

Reagan said: "There's a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts.

Reagan also said: "Through more and more rules and regulations and confiscatory taxes, the government was taking more of our money, more of our options, and more of our freedom."

Reagan also falsely labeled vitally needed regulations as "government’s smothering hand," and he falsely claimed that the size of government is commensurate with our liberty and freedom, that “As government expands, liberty contracts,” and that taxes were "confiscatory."

All that is corporate propaganda, and it is grossly misleading if not completely false. 

The truth is that any nation needs a government of adequate size to serve the needs of society, to promote the general welfare, properly regulate commerce, ensure justice for all the people, provide for public safety and the common defense, build and maintain the infrastructure, and protect our environment, among all the other things any good government should do. And to do that, government needs sufficient revenue. 

Reaganism simply ignores that, and the rhetoric of Reaganism was carefully and cunningly crafted for a specific, self-serving purpose --- to enable the wealthiest few to pay less taxes, and to give them carte blanche license and free rein, with few if any restraints. That rhetoric succeeded beyond the Republican’s wildest dreams because Ronald Reagan was a very charming television personality and effective pitch man. And, because so many Americans loved him and still love him, Republicans have been repeating such propaganda and rhetoric as mantras.

Unfortunately, Reagan’s claims were scripted corporate rhetoric that was misleading and loaded with push-button code words to appeal to the gullibility, pride and prejudices of Americans, and now that corporate rhetoric is simply designed to ensure that corporations can exploit cheap labor, and to enable the wealthiest few to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

In fact, they even hide huge amounts of money out of the country secretly to better avoid paying taxes. A new Tax Justice Network (TJN) report titled "The Price of Offshore Revisited," estimates that between $21 Trillion and $32 Trillion of hidden wealth is stashed “offshore” out of the U.S. largely to secretly avoid paying U.S. taxes on profits and capital gains, etc. And what’s most amazing about it is that major banks and financial institutions manage it, and the U.S. Government lets them get away with it, even though it amounts to an enormous robbery from the U.S. Treasury and the American nation and people. 

In spite of all the facts of the matter, Republicans, Libertarians and Tea Party politicians keep talking about government as if it were a dirty word (even though they fight dirty to gain or maintain control of it). It is also why they keep claiming it is wise to keep cutting taxes for the wealthy, and even give them free rein and enable them to keep getting wealthier, so that their great wealth can benefit the whole country. But that, again, has been proven to be a lie. It has not. In fact, enabling the wealthiest few to become so incredibly wealthy has been at our expense, and at the expense of the environment and the infrastructure.

The amazing thing is that they haven’t yet been stopped even though most Americans have become aware of the truth that exposes them. After all, this message has been published in its original and essential form since January 2002 in books and on the Internet, and millions of people have become aware of it.

Now all of the American people should resent the inequitable political economic system America has been increasingly infected with during the last 35 years. 

The present economic crisis was brought upon us because of the inevitable consequences and impact of Reaganism, which was expanded by the Bush Regime and led to the 2008 economic crash and the crises that still plague us. And despite what most Republican politicians and candidates claim, Reaganism and Reaganomics has proven to be a corrupting recipe for inequity and economic disaster.

That is why the following words of Franklin D. Roosevelt are so relevant today:

"Recognition of the falsity of material wealth as the standard of success goes hand in hand with the abandonment of the false belief that public office and high political position are to be valued only by the standards of pride of place and personal profit; and there must be an end to a conduct in banking and in business which too often has given to a sacred trust the likeness of callous and selfish wrongdoing. Small wonder that confidence languishes, for it thrives only on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligations, on faithful protection, on unselfish performance; without them it cannot live. Restoration calls, however, not for changes in ethics alone. This Nation asks for action, and action now." – President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933 Inaugural Address

Those words are as relevant and appropriate today as they were then, but now any time anyone dissents or criticizes  right-wing "Conservative" Reaganite Republicans, they simply accuse the critics of trying to "start class warfare." It's a very deceptive albeit cunning strategy, and it has worked very well for them as they serve "Mammon" and the interests of the wealthiest few even as they claim and pretend to serve all the people.

The fact is that most of those who rule from the executive and legislative branches of government are indebted and obliged to serve the interests of the wealthiest few who finance them through corporate political campaign contributions and other bribery by corporate lobbyists. And, depending on whether they are Democrats or Republicans, they have tended to show either token consideration or a blatant lack of consideration for all the Americans who are exploited, underpaid, poor, disabled, ill, disadvantaged, elderly, widowed, orphaned, or in the working poor population (who work full time for a living but are not paid a fair, actual living wage).

That is why the majority of the American people are in jeopardy, and at least 40 percent suffer from financial insecurity, most live one paycheck away from financial disaster, many suffer from food insecurity, about 14 million still cannot afford health insurance and other necessities of life, and many suffer from poverty, hunger and homelessness. From 20 to 25 percent of the children in America live in poverty, even though about 79 percent of them live in households in which at least one adult works full time.

That has not changed with the Obama administration. In fact, since 2009 U.S. corporations have been enabled to stockpile more money than anytime in history, a whopping $3.6 Trillion, which is $670 Billion more than the previous peak in 2007. And that, by the way, came just before the economic crises caused by all the greed and corruption became far more damaging in 2008 and the economic problems became impossible to avoid any longer.

Amazingly, though, when their house of cards started to tumble down around them in 2008, Wall Street and the banking and financial institutions did not suffer. In fact, they received the largest taxpayer bailout in the history of the world. But it was not just the $700 Billion that Congress approved through the TARP program.  An independent audit  by the non-partisan Government Accountability Office (an audit which was called for in the Dodd-Frank bill) revealed that the Federal Reserve provided an incredible $16 Trillion in virtually zero-interest loans to every major financial institution in this country, large corporations, foreign central banks throughout the world, and some of the other wealthiest people in America.

But, did they learn any lessons? Did they use the bailout money to provide affordable loans to small businesses? Did they put the money into job-creation and other strategies to help the  economy? Did they provide higher interest rates to reward people with savings accounts whose money they profit from? 

The resounding answer to all those question is NO. Instead, they have simply continued to gamble our money for their own profit and their own self-interests. 

Of course, corporations wouldn’t have been able to get away with all that, and they wouldn’t have been able to gain so much wealth if they didn’t think they were justified and entitled. But why do they think they are justified and entitled?

They have been convinced they are justified and entitled, and that is largely because that is what the Reaganite “Gospel of Prosperity” claims --- that great wealth is a reward from God, that everybody gets what they deserve, that the working poor and the poor deserve to be poor, that it is good to enable the wealthy to get much wealthier, and that everyone will benefit from the Reaganomics “trickle down effect.” 

Now it is time to thoroughly expose that false ideology and rationale. We cannot afford to keep repeating the same mistakes and enabling the wealthiest few to buy the kind of government they want. We cannot allow Congress to create or maintain conditions that result in the redistribution of most of the wealth of the nation to the wealthiest one percent of the population. 

Today, the wealthiest 400 individual Americans own more wealth than half the total population of Americans, which is about 150 million people. The richest 1 percent of Americans own 40 percent of all wealth, while 60 percent owns less than 2 percent. About 40 percent of the total population of Americans own just 0.3 percent of the total wealth in the country.

According to a new study from the Federal Reserve, median net worth for middle class families dropped by nearly 40 percent from 2007 to 2010. And in 2010, 93 percent of all new income went to the richest one percent, while the bottom 99 percent of people got the remaining 7 percent. 

Therefore, it is not merely a cliche that the rich are getting much richer while almost everyone else gets poorer. It is the tragic reality.

Most Americans have rapidly become less financially secure and most are worse off because of 30 years of Reaganism, particularly the 40 percent who are barely scraping by and have to live being one paycheck away from financial disaster, less able to buy all the products, goods and services that the corporations sell. (And that shows how and why rich corporations are actually “shooting themselves in the foot” with their lop-sided partisan political agenda.)

Furthermore, the corporate agenda makes government’s job of promoting the general welfare, regulating commerce and balancing supply and demand very difficult, if not impossible. Therefore, the stockpiling of  $3.6 Trillion by America’s giant corporations is NOT an indicator of success that benefits the nation. 

It is a clear indicator of government’s failure to regulate commerce, promote the general welfare, and ensure justice. It is an indicator that government has been bought by corporate financial influence in campaign ads, campaign contributions, and corporate lobbying, and giving the wealthiest few whatever they want.

In spite of the clear indicators and the truth, the corporate commercial news media fails to do their job, fails to tell the truth about that, and fails to keep partisan politicians honest. And thus many gullible Americans are easily misled by deceptive demagogues who appeal to fears, pride and prejudices.

However, the problem has been caused not merely because the commercial news media fails to do its job. It’s because during the last 30 years Reaganite Republicans have brainwashed most Americans by preaching a self-serving "Gospel of Prosperity" as if their right-wing partisan political ideology of favoring the rich at the expense of everyone else is somehow "Christian" — even though it is far from it, and in fact Anti-Christian.


The Source and Impact of the Reaganite "Gospel of Prosperity"

Justified by the Reaganite "Religious Right" ideology, Millionaires and Billionaires have increasingly indulged themselves not only with the ideas that they are entitled to rule, that wealth is a reward from God, and that the poor deserve their lot because they are "lazy." 

Consequently, not only have the wealthiest few funded political campaigns and influenced elections with misleading, slanderous attack ads, they have been enabled to pay far less than their fair share of taxes.

Now granted, it is true, generally speaking, that in this world people reap what they have sown, because there is a universal system and natural karmic law of reciprocity and cause and effect at work, and when it works naturally there tends to be justice in the world and people get what they deserve, for better or for worse.

However, Man alters the natural system by ignoring the natural law, and by ignoring the universal divine imperative (which is also known as the golden rule). Consequently, terrible things happen to innocent victims due to the crimes, offenses, abuses of power, blunders and mistakes of individuals, corporations, and governments.

In fact, history from ancient times to the present shows us that governments have often served the interests of a wealthy few at the expense of the vast majority, and that religious groups or sects have often been guilty of enabling such governments to operate by "divine right."

The American economy is a case in point now, because the U.S. Government has failed in its responsibilities. It has failed to promote the general welfare of its citizens, failed to provide for their safety and common defense, and failed to ensure the blessings of liberty and justice for all the people.

A good government does not fail to do that. A good government succeeds in doing that, to the benefit of all citizens.

A good government balances its budget by ensuring that enough revenue is collected through taxes to cover the costs of operating and providing all the infrastructure, institutions, facilities and services that are needed and used by the general public, and are to their benefit.

To accomplish that, good government ensures that citizens are taxed progressively according to their ability to pay, and that businesses, industries and commerce are fairly and sufficiently taxed and regulated. It also ensures that expenditures of government are fair, reasonable, needed, and within its budget.

The U.S. federal government and most state governments have failed to do that. They are deep in debt because they have failed to tax the wealthiest few according to their ability to pay, and even though the corporate tax rate is supposed to be 35 percent, some corporations manage to avoid paying anywhere near that. 

In fact, as the New York Times has reported, General Electric, America’s largest corporation, avoided paying taxes completely. And in some states some corporations are allowed to pay just the minimum ten dollars per year. Consequently, their general revenue is insufficient to balance their budgets and solve the financial problems they face.

They have failed because they have been corrupted by the attitudes and forces of greed and self-interest. And it is no wonder that the tip of the iceberg of political and corporate corruption began to be exposed in the 1990s. It is no wonder that the American economy reached a crisis point in 2008. And it is no wonder that we haven’t yet been able to overcome and recover from it.

We can recover, however. We can reform and alter our government, as the Founders said we have the right and duty to do. We can not allow the wealthiest few to pay little or nothing in taxes, and we can eliminate all the senseless tax shelters, loopholes and deductions and all the "welfare for the rich" that has been provided to them by bribed legislators. 

There are many other ways we could increase the national revenue as well. For example, we can tax capital gains in a reasonable way. And as Robert Reich has pointed out, even if we established only a very small tax of 0.05 percent on Wall Street financial transactions, that alone would raise $350 Billion each year. Even with a very small tax on the excesses of Wall Street speculators (speculators whose transactions allow them to bet against their own investors), it would help. And we really should make it a 5 percent tax so we could raise $3.5 Trillion per year on financial transactions alone.

Unfortunately, over the last 30 years the Reaganite Republican Religious Right has been preaching their misguided, self-serving "gospel of prosperity," which has served the wealthiest few at the expense of the majority. They have steadily (and falsely) claimed that cutting taxes for the wealthy will help everyone, and they continue their war on needed government regulations.

Now it is time to face the fact that their having great excessive wealth does not really benefit the whole country. In fact, it benefits them, and it has been proven repeatedly that it does not benefit the country. Every time the wealthiest few have been given free license and free rein, and enabled to get incredibly wealthier, it has inevitably been at the expense of and to the detriment of everything and everyone else. After all, it led to the economic collapse of 1929, to the corporate corruption exposed in the 1990s, and to the economic crisis of 2008 which still plagues us.

It is utterly absurd for Republicans to insist on cutting Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, unemployment insurance, student loans and other crucially needed human services when they refuse to require the wealthiest few to pay a fair share of taxes, or find savings in a military budget that is so large it is equal to that of the rest of the world's nations combined!

Of course, Republican claims have changed over the years, depending on the situation. They usually just blame "tax and spend liberals" for the nation’s problems. Not long ago they claimed they wanted to enable you to "keep more of your own money in your pocket." And now, since their policies have caused yet another economic crisis and high unemployment, the Republicans are still making absurdly false claims to try to justify themselves.

But, they are not merely against regulations and taxes that would restrain and rein in their self-indulgent greed and make them pay their fair share. They are also against wage and price controls.Why? Because Ronald Reagan had said: "Wage and price controls have failed since the time of Diocletian. I ought to know. I'm the only one here old enough to remember that."

Naturally, Reagan’s quip got a laugh and it was disarmingly clever because of the way it was delivered. However, that statement was also blatantly misleading and false. The truth is that President Franklin D. Roosevelt had provided a New Deal for the American people and instituted remarkably successful wage and price controls in an economic plan which was part of a greater comprehensive plan that saved America and made it great.

Roosevelt's plan was efficiently and effectively organized and regulated, and it not only pulled American out of the Great Depression and laid the groundwork to build a large and great American Middle Class. It improved the military, agricultural, manufacturing, industrial and civilian conservation capacity of America. And, it enabled Americans to win World War II in less than four years from the day America entered the war.

Ronald Reagan knew that, because as a young man he was a New Deal Democrat. Unfortunately, when his career as an actor faded he became a television pitch man for the General Electric Corporation, and was mentioned earlier. Then for a number of years Reagan  was indoctrinated in the corporate culture and carefully groomed by GE executives for a career in politics. That’s how Reagan was able to become Governor of Californian, and then President.

Now Americans need to realize how and why Reaganism pushed American back to 1920s conditions – the conditions that led to economic collapse as a result of unchecked greed and corruption – the conditions that were revived again during the last 30 years and resulted in another economic collapse.

We can fix it, but first we have to acknowledge that the American economy is a disaster due to the corruption and inequity caused by the corrupt forces of greed and self-interest during the last 30 years.

Now it is absolutely crucial that we, the people, sufficiently regulate and oversee banks, financial institutions and lenders, and demand that the wealthiest few pay their fair share of taxes, because no politician presently in Washington D.C. can or will. 

Furthermore, while the government claims to be dealing with unemployment, over half a million government employees lost their jobs in 2010, and between January 2011 to January 2012 the number of Federal and state government employees who lost their jobs was 795,200, a number that included some public school teachers. Thus everyone is left to deal with lower levels of government services, local businesses have fewer customers, and the nation's children have a poorer education.

That is a sad and tragic indicator of how foolish congressional and state legislators are in refusing to require the wealthiest few to pay their fair share of taxes. Instead, they claim that cutting public schools, services and jobs is the only solution, making everyone but the wealthiest few pay and suffer for it. It shows that the legislators are willing to cannibalize government and let people suffer, rather than do the right thing and establish fair, equitable and just tax policies. Therefore, we, the people, must demand reform, fairness, equity, and progress.

As is suggested in The 21st Century Declaration of Independence, we can use the tools that the Founding Fathers gave us to establish government that is actually of, by, and for the people, which will enable us to establish badly needed reforms, regulations and protections that will unite us and ensure truly representative government, economic fairness, equity, and stability.


As soon as we do that, America will become a truly good example to the world, and we will be on the way toward a much brighter future, because Real Democracy Is Coming to the U.S.A. whenThe People's Campaign for Reformation gets underway.