George W. Bush's Real Record, Part 2

Bush's War and Occupation of Iraq, and Its International Impact

As was mentioned in Part 1, Bush's real agenda for his war in Iraq was brazenly revealed two years before the war in the document entitled Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategies, Forces And Resources For A New Centurywritten in September 2000 by The Project for the New American Century, a right-wing think tank.

It is apparent that Bush’s agenda was to gain and keep control in Iraq. And, because he "privatized" his war, he was serving the interests of American corporate profiteers like Blackwater, now called Xe, the controversial American "security" company or private military operating in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

By the way, more than one former member of Blackwater’s management team alleges that Erik Prince, the founder, former CEO and still owner of Blackwater, "views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe." That’s why he and/or his staff have repeatedly been accused of murder and mercenary activity. George W. Bush knew Prince well. Prince worked for Bush Sr., and Prince's father co-founded the Family Research Council with Gary Bauer. Erik Prince has given more than a million dollars to Bauer’s Family Research Council and James Dobson’s Focus on the Family. He is a member in "good standing" of the extremist Christian Right, and believes they should rule the world by any means necessary.)

But Bush especially served the interests of Dick Cheney's company, Halliburton, and its subsidiaries like Brown & Root and KBR. Clearly the long-term plan for Iraq was to the benefit of Halliburton and other American corporations and oil companies. Most people know that. Even Alan Greenspan, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, when he was safely out of office, confessed in his memoir, "Everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil."

It was not coincidence that during the initial U.S. Military invasion of Iraq, U.S. military guards were posted around the Iraq oil ministry and its oil wells and did nothing while the Baghdad Museum was looted of priceless artifacts and antiquities. Many of Iraq's archaeological sites have been bulldozed and paved over by U.S. forces since then. Iraq's ancient heritage had been proudly displayed in its ancient archeological sites and its museum, but now most of the artifacts have been lost and many of those sites have been damaged or destroyed.

That's why Halliburton and its subsidiaries were given a no-bid contract, not only to control Iraq's oil, but to also profiteer by providing other services formerly done by the military. It was Bush's new privatization of war, which is highly beneficial to American corporate war profiteers and highly expensive for American taxpayers. It's just another part of their "globalism" movement, which is designed to enable the American military and mega-corporations to expand their realm and dominate the world in the name of God and Country.

If Bush had any love for Arabs or Muslims he would not have allowed U.S. forces the "collateral damage" levels he did, allowing his armed forces to kill 30 Iraqi or Afghani or Pakistani civilians just to try to kill one targeted Jihadist enemy. But then, we should realize that Bush’s closest "religious" advisors were judging and condemning Islam as an "evil, wicked religion." That's one of the reasons most Muslims know very well what Bush's real motivation was, and it's one of the reasons so many of them wanted to kill Bush's occupying American forces -- that and because they knew the Bush Regime indulged in torturing Muslim prisoners (or "suspected combatants"), and because they also knew about Bush's hidden agenda regarding Iraqi oil, and his hidden agenda about "fulfilling prophecy."

Bush's hidden agenda regarding Iraq was not only about the U.S. becoming a dominant, controlling force in that oil rich region. It was also because his "religious" advisors convinced him that his war in Iraq was "God's Will" and would fulfill a Christian prophecy about the Euphrates river in Iraq in the book of Revelation.

The phrase referring to the Euphrates River may have meant some killing in Iraq was foreseen and foretold. However, most of the book of Revelation is symbolic, it does not justify Bush’s war, and it certainly does not mean that God caused it or would sanction it. John's symbolism in the Book of Revelation was mainly designed to portray that those who "blaspheme" against God suffer in many ways. But it's not because God is not merciful and loving. In fact, God loves us all and does not want anyone to be killed. It's because those who judge, hate and curse their enemy actually curse or "blaspheme against" God, because they do not realize what God really is. In hating and cursing their enemies they unwittingly hate and curse God and themselves, and they are at war with God and their own spirit-soul. That's why Jesus said we should not judge, and if we are tempted to judge we should resist not evil but love good, overcome evil with good, and love even our enemy, because our enemy is usually just a reflection of our self.

Unfortunately, George W. Bush willfully ignored national and international laws and resorted not only to "preemptive war," but also to torturing prisoners and indulge in illegal wiretapping of American citizens. After all, the so-called "Patriot Act" has deprived many Americans of long-standing civil liberties and rights, and sidestepped required oversight of surveillance activities. That was clearly revealed in 2005 when Bush was forced to admit that he had ordered government agents in the National Security Agency (NSA) to tap the phones of American citizens without necessary court approval required by FISA legislation.

The FISA law was established before Bush became president, and it requires court approval for wiretapping to spy on people suspected of being terrorists. Bush knew the FISA law has a provision that in the case of dire emergencies a wiretap could be performed and the court could be notified afterward to provide a proper check to ensure compliance with laws, and he even got the FISA law amended to allow him wait 72 hours after a wiretap to notify the court, rather than the 24 hours that the law originally stipulated. But, Bush didn’t even do that. He simply ordered his security forces to wiretap and eavesdrop on whoever they wanted, at any time, without any court oversight whatsoever.

Even worse, Bush then falsely claimed that those who criticized him for it were simply against surveillance activities and were obstructing his ability to wage the war on terror. He deceptively tried to avoid the real issue, which is that his regime illegally, without required court oversight, assumed unchecked power to covertly spy and wiretap, just like dictatorial regimes do.

In order to do this, Bush and his NSA had enlisted the help of telecommunications companies so he could spy on American citizens without the FISA required warrants, violating the 4th Amendment and our right to privacy. In August 2007, Congress betrayed the people and gave the telecom companies temporary immunity from prosecution, then Bush and his loyalists in Congress wanted to give the telecom companies permanent immunity from prosecution, knowing that otherwise they could be prosecuted for breaking the law. They pushed a bill that would protect the telecommunications companies, and also indirectly protect them from prosecution.

Bush obviously thought he was above the law -- above U.S. law and above international law -- because he thought he was "doing God’s Will." And he arrogantly and falsely dismissed his American critics as "godless, unpatriotic and un-American."

Since then the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice has released several reports after examining Bush Regime documents and interviewed dozens of FBI agents. The reports found that: 

1) The FBI needlessly investigated and spied on anti-war activists and environmentalists; 

2) There was "little or no basis" for the investigations; 

3) The FBI used lies and trickery to illegally obtain thousands of records and then attempted to cover it up; 

4) There was a "complete breakdown" of procedures within the FBI; 

5) The "FBI broke law for years in phone record searches"; and 

6) FBI Agents repeatedly and knowingly violated the law by invoking nonexistent "terror emergencies" to get access to information they were not authorized to have.

Unfortunately, even the Obama Administration has paid no attention to those reports, and little or nothing has been done to change FBI policies and tactics.

Bush’s arrogance was also evident in that he even hand-picked his audiences in speaking engagements, so it would appear on television that everyone approved of him and his policies. He even went so far as to say, "I'm the Decider," which reveals his authoritarian bent. But then, again, that was also because he believed he was doing God's Will, and that was very convenient because it enabled him to believe he was absolutely right and could do no wrong.

Now, granted, even though Bush was a misguided religious zealot, he was nowhere near as bad as the terribly wicked and murderous Osama bin Laden, even though Bush had much more destructive power at his command and wielded it wrongly. However, they are both just as deluded with self-importance, and just as deluded in the false belief that they are doing God's Will. Nothing, but nothing, could be further from the truth.

Even so, Bush figured out how to avoid large anti-war demonstrations by refusing to call for a military draft. As Neil Young says in the great movie, CSNY Deja Vu, in the 1960s young people were threatened by the military draft, so they were willing to face brutally violent suppression when they protested against the Vietnam War. But, in stark contrast, Bush refused to put a draft in place in order to supply enough troops for his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and instead was willing to send volunteer military troops and volunteer National Guard troops (who didn’t sign up for war), forcing them to endure many repeated tours in terrible combat zones. But most young people aren’t threatened now. That is why we have not seen tremendous anti-war demonstrations, even though there ought to be.

Nevertheless, the blame is on the government, not on the troops. And the families who have lost a loved one in Bush's war, as well as the American veterans who have lost limbs or been maimed permanently, can take comfort in the fact that removing Saddam Hussein was a good thing. And they can take comfort in the fact that U.S. forces have done other good things in Iraq, such as beginning to restore infrastructure that was destroyed by U.S. bombs, and trying to rid Iraq of power-hungry murderers.

However, even though U.S. forces have certainly done some good and should be proud of that, I have always said that America must stop the occupation of Iraq and let the United Nations take over with a truly international force that includes Arabs and both Sunnis and Shiites. Then no "insurgents" will be able to claim they are fighting Western imperialistic forces.

It was impossible to accomplish what Bush wanted to do in Iraq the way he did it. In the first place, his hidden agenda was wrong, which was to establish a firm military foothold there, and maintain American control of Iraqi oil by Haliburton. Secondly, continuing to try to control Iraq by military force would mean the killing or maiming of many more tens of thousands of Iraqi and American military and police forces, along with many innocent civilian men, women and children. The American occupation only provided radical Muslims justification for the insurgency "to drive out the American occupiers and infidels."

Bush was so invested in his beliefs that he simply stuck to his plan for the U.S. to be a dominant force in the region, and he pretended and acted as if he was a "holy warrior conquering evil." But he was wrong. Ultimately, the solutions to the problems in Iraq can only be political and diplomatic, conditional upon the complete end to American occupation, an end to American corporate control of Iraqi oil, and sufficient involvement of United Nations peace-keeping forces made up of truly international forces that include Arabs and all Muslim sects of Islam. The insurgency against the American occupation will stop as soon as the American occupation stops completely (even in Kuwait).

That's been confirmed by three studies by very different authors who reached the same conclusion about modern terrorism against Americans and Europeans. One study is a book, Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism, by Robert Pape. Another study is by the Global Research in International Affairs Center, and another study was done by the conservative Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies. All three studies reveal that the anti-American insurgency in Iraq was actually not motivated by a desire to preemptively attack the West. It was motivated by a fervent desire to retaliate for and fight against foreign occupation of Arab/Muslim lands. All these studies and the facts show that the main motivation of militant Muslims in the Mid- East is to remove foreign occupiers of Muslim lands. And, significantly, the research also shows that the vast majority of Arab insurgents killed in Iraq had never taken part in any terrorist activities prior to their arrival in Iraq.

Furthermore, the facts reveal that al Queda did not operate in Iraq prior to Bush's occupation of that country. Al Queda began operations there only after the American occupation began to drag on. So the Bush regime's claim that Saddam Hussein and al Queda were in cahoots was simply not true, and it is also not true that the insurgents in Iraq would attack the U.S. after a U.S. pullout. They just want the U.S. out of Iraq and out of the Mid-East.

It is also not true that Muslims are upset with the West (Americans and British) because they are just "jealous" of our way of life. That is a very simplistic and misleading idea concocted by rich Republican Americans. The truth is that Muslims have very legitimate grievances against the British, Americans, Russians, and Israelis. Muslims are fighting for their land, their rights and their independence, and against imperialism and occupation of their lands by foreign forces.

Despite the fact, Bush later resorted to claiming that Americans against his war in Iraq were like the Americans who were against the war in Vietnam, and claimed that it just "aids and comforts the enemy." That was very typical. After all, Reaganites like Bush still claim that the only reason the U.S. lost the war in Vietnam was because of a so-called "lack of resolve on the part of the American People," and they blame anti-war demonstrators for the defeat. They even still claim that "if America had really tried to win, we would certainly have won."

That is absolutely not true. The U.S. military leaders tried their damnedest to win the war in Vietnam, but they lost for a couple of very basic reasons. They ignored or did not understand the desire and the will of the vast majority of the Vietnamese people. Instead, they served the interests of the relatively few Vietnamese who had become part of the French colonial establishment based in Saigon. U.S. leadership also demonstrated ignorance, carelessness and disregard for the majority of Vietnamese (as well as Cambodians and Laotians), and grossly underestimated the tenacity and ingenuity of the Vietnamese people who were simply continuing a very long and hard fight for independence from any foreign influence -- first Chinese, then French, then American.

The Vietnam situation is relevant because prior to U.S. involvement in direct combat in Vietnam, U.S. leadership had been warned against it by experts on the Far East, but simply ignored the warnings. Bush's folly in Iraq is somewhat similar to the U.S. folly in Vietnam, especially in that Bush was also warned against it. Experts on Iraq and the Mid-East clearly warned the Bush administration well before the war about the folly of invading and occupying Iraq, and they predicted what would happen and did happen. Unfortunately, Bush went ahead with his war plan anyway, in spite of those warnings, and he waged his preemptive war even in spite of all the reports and intelligence that were contrary to the false claims he made to try to justify it.

Apparently, Dick Cheney went even further. A likely example was because of what happened to Bush’s and Cheney's most effective critic at the time. He was Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone, who was known as "the conscience of the Senate." He was against NAFTA, and against favoring the wealthiest few at the expense of working people. He supported labor rights, children's and women's rights, universal healthcare, public and higher education, good jobs with livable wages, small farmers, campaign finance and lobbying reforms, and retirement security.

But, Wellstone was also an outspoken and effective critic of Bush’s and Cheney’s plan to invade Iraq, and many say that is why he was killed in a mysterious airplane crash. 

Wellstone had made a vehement anti-war speech in the Senate on October 3, 2002, and three weeks later he was dead, after Fox News vilified him and after Vice President Cheney personally threatened Wellstone and told him to shut his mouth. He was killed 11 days before the 2002 U.S. Senate election in which he was running for a third term, and many people suspected what happened because of all the unusually circumstances about the “accident.” And finally on March 10, 2009, Seymour Hersh revealed the existence of an "Executive Assassination Ring" which targeted "domestic enemies." According to Hersh, the CIA-connected operation reported to Vice President Dick Cheney exclusively without any knowledge of Congress. There is still debate about whether Wellstone’s death was due to an accident or an assassination. (And anyone interested can view a documentary about it here, and you can read a book, American Assassination: The Strange Death of Senator Paul Wellstone.)

Now, granted, Saddam Hussein should have been removed from power in Iraq, because he was a murderous tyrant. However, inclusive international United Nations forces should have done it in the first place. And, if and when needed, such U.N. forces should step in to prevent violence and keep the peace until the people of Iraq are stabilized and unified by reasonable leadership. After all, preventing violence and keeping the peace in Iraq will be considerably less of a problem when the insurgents can no longer claim that they are fighting American imperialism and "defending Islam against imperialistic Christian Crusaders."

In fact, radical Muslim insurgency and "Jihadism" in the whole region will be far less of a problem when we enlist the help of moderate and progressive Muslims in a concerted strategy to emphasize the teachings of the Qur’an (Koran) that are resonant and compatible with the true teachings of the Bible. For as I stated in the article About Islam, the prophet Muhammad knew and respected the teachings of Jesus. Muhammad stated that killing is always evil, and that indiscriminate killing is especially evil. Moreover, like Jesus, he advised against retaliation and against force or coercion in religious matters, and he commanded Muslims to "be very courteous to Jews and Christians because we all believe in the same God."

Aggressive American occupation of Iraq only fueled more violent opposition to it, because in the eyes of many Muslims, under Bush’s leadership it amounted to a modern "Christian Crusade." And that is confirmed by how many fundamentalists and evangelicals from the American "Christian Right" have become members of the U.S. armed forces. They are indeed crusaders. See the article on The Crusades for Jerusalem, which explains Muslim resentment of aggressive, military imperialist Christian Crusaders ever since 1099 A.D. And George W. Bush was just as misguided as the earlier crusaders were.

Most Europeans believe the United States under the Bush regime was among the worst contributors to world instability, along with Israel, according to a poll and survey conducted by Gallup in Europe. In addition, according to an annual survey of global attitudes conducted by the Pew Research Center, which covered people in 15 European, Asian, and African countries, the continued U.S. presence in Iraq was seen as a great threat to world peace, and favorable opinions of the U.S. fell further in 2008. The Pew survey was carried out annually since 1999, and has shown a continued decline in support for the U.S. because of Bush foreign policy. In fact, America's global image has been severely damaged, and support for the war on terrorism has declined even among close U.S. allies like Japan. The war in Iraq continually lowered opinions of the United States, not only in predominantly Muslim countries but in Europe and Asia as well. And the U.S. presence in Iraq was cited as a great obstacle to world peace.

Of course, the Bush Regime originally created the problem by denigrating and virtually usurping the power of the United Nations in 2001, 2002 and 2003. But the problem in Iraq since then has been Bush's War and the American occupation. The problem was not and never has been the conscientious critics of Bush's occupation of Iraq, because his critics were and are correct. It was wrong from the start, and his hidden agenda was utterly wrong and imperialistic.

In fact, all of the Bush Regime’s foreign policies were foolish, arrogant, counterproductive, and damaging. For example, in December 2007 Bush said something so hypocritical I must comment on it. He was speaking in response to a question about what he thought of Vladimer Putin’s strategy to cling to power in Russia, and Bush’s response was that he hoped Russia in the future would "realize they need checks and balances."

That was ironic and hypocritical, because Bush scorned all efforts to provide checks and balances on his power. He called any and all efforts to rein him in and curtail his abuses of power as "unpatriotic" political posturing. That was not merely arrogance, but insolence. And his remarks against Putin were among many opening salvos in another cold war with Russia.

You see, because of Bush's imperialistic world view, Vladimer Putin’s Russia became more and more nationalistic and deliberately developed world-wide ambitions in its young people. Growing numbers of Russians have put freedom of speech very low on their list of priorities, while one of the highest priorities is establishing Russia as a great world power once again. This is in large part in response to the imperialistic actions of the American Neo-Conservative Movement led by Dick Cheney and the Bush Regime. It is especially in response to the growth of American military bases in foreign countries, increase in U.S. military operations, expansion and growth of U.S. nuclear warfare capabilities, all of which was used to justify Putin’s call for Russia to compete with and surpass America as a world military power.

In other words, Bush did not make Americans safer. He worsened America’s status in the world, weakened the dollar, weakened America’s military, increased and strengthened its enemies, created new enemies, and put Americans in far greater jeopardy than they have been since 1941.

Bush sought the presidency to hold the most powerful position in the world to do what he believed is "God's will." That's what made him extremely self-righteous, divisive, dangerous and harmful, as he proved to be. After all, most misguided, power-hungry, egocentric, self-important people who seek, fight for and gain positions of personal power justify themselves by actually believing that they are doing the right thing, when they really serve themselves and the wealthy minority of people who support them. They choose the way that seems right to some men, but leads to conflict, division, and destruction. That’s the biggest reason why America is divided and in conflict. It’s also why so many other nations are divided and in conflict, and why there has been and is so much death and destruction. As Jesus put it, they are the blind leading the blind.

Of course, right-wing Neo-Conservative Republicans and the American Christian Right are not the only ones that must be exposed and rebuked. All religious bigots and hypocrites must be exposed and rebuked, especially the murderous zealots who claim to be Muslim Jihadists and Jewish Zionists. They don’t realize how little they understand their religious scriptures, and how much they simply ignore in them. They all must share the blame for the terrible situation we are in now. (See the articles on The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and About Islam, which expose Jewish and Muslim hypocrites.)

However, it is not enough to expose the hypocrisy and error of hatemongers, warmongers and murderers who claim to serve God, and it is not even enough to bring them to justice. We must also recognize why young Arab Muslims are willing to die for their cause, and we must understand what their cause is. That’s why I fully discussed the roots of conflict in the Mid-East, from 1917 to the present, in the article on The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict. We must learn and understand that history, and then we must let it be known that we understand, and that we will do something about the injustices and offenses perpetrated against Arabs and Muslims by the British, the Americans, and the Israelis.

The Bush Administration utterly failed in that regard, because for the most part they blindly and unfairly supported Israel. They even ventured naively, blindly, arrogantly and offensively in their own ill-advised wars. And one of the worst consequences of Bush’s folly is that thousands of people have needlessly lost their lives, and tens of thousands have been wounded and maimed.

Still, as his reign drew to a close, Bush desperately tried to improve his legacy. His visit to Gaza and to Africa to claim credit for U.S. financial aid to help deal with disease there was an example of that. But, in his last State of the Union Address, Bush demanded that Congress make his tax cuts for the wealthy permanent. That would cost us taxpayers $4.3 trillion over ten years. The big recipients are multi-millionaires and billionaires, and their government giveaway and windfall would amount to $287,000 apiece.

Furthermore, Bush’s War in Iraq has been the second costliest war in the history of the world, financially, not even considering the cost in human lives and limbs. Only World War II was more expensive, and the main reason was Bush’s privatization of the war, with U.S. taxpayers money being bilked by corporate war profiteers that supported Bush. (Read the book by Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes in their book, The Three Trillion Dollar War, published on February 28, 2008. Stiglitz was chief economist at the World Bank and won the Nobel Memorial Prize for Economics in 2001. Bilmes is a lecturer in public policy at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.)

Now, I deliver this judgment because it was not only prophesied and foretold by Jesus and by preceding Jewish prophets and the prophets of other religions, it is totally called for and it must be delivered. The stone of truth must "shatter the image of the King of Babylon," which is what Bush represented (as is explained somewhat in the article titled The Fall of Babylon).

This "pen" can and in due time will prove mightier than Bush's "sword," and it will do so because the weapons of the Lord are not carnal or lethal, but they are mighty through God for pulling down strongholds of misused military power. The real weapons of the Lord are words of truth, and the truth is that despite what Bush claimed and may believe, he did not serve God.

As the Christ Jesus said, you cannot serve both God and Mammon. And Bush definitely served Mammon in that he fought for worldly power, wealth and domain, and served the interests of the wealthiest few and their giant corporations and monopolies. And he deserves at the very least to be exposed and rebuked for his arrogance, bigotry, and hypocrisy.

Bush also deserves to be exposed and rebuked because near the end of his term, he had the gall to say, in a speech before an international audience, "The greatest threat to freedom is not less government, but too much." It amazed me that he was still repeating that misleading Reaganite mantra, because Barack Obama was correct when he provided this rebuttal: "The question is not whether government is too big or too small, but whether it works for the people." That’s the truth. And the fact is that Bush’s government was big and did not work for the people. It worked only for the rich. But he showed no sense of shame, contrition, repentance, or sorrow. In fact, he was defiant, and disgusted that people don’t see he was "right." But he was wrong, as history has shown and will show.

The Bush Regime should be held accountable for all their deceptions, offenses, and violations of national and international laws, especially those involving illegal wiretapping and torture. And since the torture issue was raised again by Dick Cheney, and more recently (November 2010) by Bush himself, I need to expose and repudiate their claim that torture was needed because "it worked." They obviously want to save face, and they apparently believe that the end justifies any means, but they are simply wrong. What they authorized is torture, and torture produces unreliable information. It rarely works because victims will saying anything to make it stop. But, the real point is not whether torture works or not. The point is that only cruel fascists, dictators and tyrants indulge in torture.

Furthermore, ever since it was first revealed that the Bush Regime did indulge in torture, many more Muslims have been willing to fight and even die in order to kill Americans. Consequently, Bush and Cheney et al are responsible for thousands of deaths that may otherwise never have happened. They should all be held accountable for violating national and international laws.

I say that because I read the CIA Special Report and the official "torture memos" that were released by President Obama, which reveal serious crimes by the Bush Regime. They handpicked Department of Justice lawyers to obtain "legal opinions" concocted to claim that so-called"enhanced interrogation techniques" did not amount to torture unless they caused "pain equivalent to organ failure or death." Thus the CIA was given free rein to use cruel and unusual torture techniques on prisoners and only murder was forbidden. But, besides torture many prisoners, they murdered several. Those violate the Geneva Convention and U.S. Law, and qualify as capital offenses under 18 U.S.C. 2441, the War Crimes Act passed into law in 1996 by Congress. Therefore, those responsible should be prosecuted, including George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, other Bush Regime members who were culpable, the attorneys who "justified" the torture, and those who actually committed the crimes.

May justice be served, and may the true history be firmly established.

September 2011 Addendum:

The U.S. government's enormously expensive occupation Iraq is not coming to an end. As Dan Froomkin reported on September 16 in this article, U.S. diplomats, military advisers and other officials are planning to fall back to a giant embassy in Baghdad, a heavily fortified, self-contained compound the size of Vatican City. Costing three quarters of a billion dollars to build, with high walls, guard towers and machine'gun emplacements, with 20 other buildings including residential quarters, a gym and swimming pool, commercial facilities, a power station and a water-treatment plant.

About 16,000 personnel will be required to operate it, about 10 percent will be program staff, 10 percent management and aviation, 30 percent life support contractors, and 50 percent security. There will also be a private contracted army of over 5,000 to guard the embassy and other diplomatic outposts and protect personnel as they travel beyond the fortifications. Another 3,000 armed guards will protect personnel responsible for sales and training related to an estimated $13 billion in pending U.S. arms sales to Iraq, including tanks, squadrons of attack helicopters and 36 F-16s.

The State Department asked Congress for $2.7 billion for its Iraqi operations in fiscal year 2011, and got $2.1 billion. It wants $6.2 billion for next year. Estimates are that cost of operation will be $25 to $30 billion over the next five years, and $3 billion will be spent in the next five years on major private security contracts alone.

Construction of the embassy began in 2005 by the Bush Administration, obviously to ensure that the U.S. has a very firm foothold in Iraq and access to its oil. And the Obama Administration has done nothing to stop it. Consequently, U.S. taxpayer’s money continues to be squandered so that U.S. oil companies and military contractors can continue profiting and the PNAC plan be fulfilled.